Talent Hounds



Is the line between humans and dogs beginning to blur?
That’s the question at the heart of TALENT HOUNDS, an original new Canadian documentary that looks at the evolving role that dogs have played historically in human lives, families and communities, and sheds light on the increasing humanization of “man’s best friend” in today’s culture.

Our canine companions have always been more than just loyal sidekicks. Talent Hounds explores the early history of the dog, starting with the domestication of wolves, and examines the many ways that humans have, through the centuries, turned the natural abilities of dogs to our advantage – whether by employing them to hunt, herd livestock and pull sleds, or by training them to assist in police work and saving lives.
The film also considers the remarkable role that certain breeds have come to play as companions, assistants and four-legged therapists for people with a wide variety of special needs, from kids with autism to the visually impaired.

Where is our relationship with the dog headed? For more and more Canadians, as Talent Hounds reveals, dogs are becoming full-fledged members of the family – even surrogate children. And there’s a lucrative industry dedicated to helping pet parents pamper their dogs as they would their own offspring, with everything from designer fashions and fragrances to day spa visits.

Talent Hounds includes insightful interviews with canine experts and dog parents, and showcases a selection of Canada’s most uniquely gifted dogs, chosen through a series of open casting calls.
Talent Hounds is produced by Hop To It Productions with the assistance of the Canadian Media Fund, the Bell Fund, BookShorts and the CMPA Transmedia Production Acceleration Program.

Watch the video for the Talent Hounds theme song “My Dog”





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