Your Pets & Halloween

October 29th, 2013


Trick or treat! It’s Halloween (almost), and Fido & Wine‘s Jen Mitchell Oddi and Laura Ducharme have a column in this month’s On The GO Magazine with some spook-tastic seasonal safety tip for pet owners. Read on … if you dare!

It is well known that we must keep our dogs away from chocolate, but there are many other pet safety hazards related to Halloween that you should be aware of.

Keep your pets indoors and in a safe place. Not only might they dash out the door during times of frenzied trick or treating, they are at risk for cruel treatment by so called Halloween pranksters. They can be taken and injured by these sick people. Many adoption agencies have banned adoption of black cats around Halloween for this very reason.

Make sure that your pet is not able to get near your jack-o’-lantern or any candles. One wag of a tail or an acrobatic cat can knock them over and start a fire. Consider using battery operated LED candles instead.

It’s not just chocolate that shouldn’t be fed to dogs (or cats for that matter). Some candy includes xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is toxic and can cause seizures. Wrappers and sticks can pose a risk as well. Keep the candy bowls away from your pets and make sure your kids understand the dangers of sharing their loot with their furry friends.

Cute costumes are hard to resist — but if you’re going to dress up your pet in costume, make sure they’re comfortable and safe. Never, ever leave them unsupervised when in a costume.

Halloween is a great time to remind us to make sure our pets are identifiable with a microchip or tattoo, preferably. At the very least, make sure your pet’s wearing a collar with a tag.

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And don’t forget to check out Jen’s blog, My Dog’s Breakfast. She posts a ton of great recipes and ideas for folks who want to prepare healthy and delicious meals for their canine companions.

Be Part Of ‘Dog Park Tales’

August 16th, 2013


Want to be part of The Pet Network’s new series Dog Park Tales? Find out how below!

CLICK HERE to submit your pics and info!


Snout and about: Woofstock 2013

June 10th, 2013


Photos by Mark Bandura

On Saturday, The Pet Network’s Mark Bandura dropped in on Woofstock in Toronto, North America’s largest celebration of all things canine, and got a dog’s-eye-view of the furry festivities. Check out some of his great pics here, or CLICK THIS LINK to see the full photo gallery!


Catch us in Free Preview on Rogers!

December 19th, 2012


It’s our way of saying Happy Holidays!

The Pet Network is in free preview on Rogers right now. If you’re a Rogers customer, you can check us out free of charge until February 4. It’s the perfect opportunity to sample our refreshed program lineup, which features great new shows like Hope For Wildlife along with more of such viewer favourites as Animal 24:7, Pit Boss and Pet ER.

Don’t forget to tune in Saturdays through December and January, when we’ll be presenting special Pet-A-Pawlooza marathons of all your favourite shows.

You’ll find us on channel 268. To subscribe to The Pet Network, visit Rogers.com.


In Search Of Canada’s Most Talented Dogs

November 26th, 2012

Does your pooch have an extraordinary ability? Got a pup with an impressive bag of tricks? The producers of Talent Hounds, a forthcoming documentary for The Pet Network, are looking for … well, talented hounds to feature in their film.

All you’ve got to do is head over to TalentHounds.ca and create a profile to upload a photo or video of your furry friend in action. (Folks in Ontario can also turn out for one of a series of live auditions.)

This promo video provides all the basic info:

Some more details from the producers: We are looking for dogs of all ages, breeds and skills that have talent in one or more of these areas: Service Dogs (such as police, fire, therapy, guide); Working Dogs (hunting; pulling, herding, cart dogs); Athletes (agility, flyball, disc, tri-ball); Entertainers (singers, dancers, freestyle, dogs with agents); Tricksters; Cuties; Fashionistas; and Heroes.

Talent Hounds will make its world television premiere on The Pet Network in 2013. Check out the Talent Hounds site and The Pet Network blog for more updates soon!

May Free Preview!

May 1st, 2012


Are you a Shaw Direct customer? If the answer’s yes, then we’ve got news that will make your month: The Pet Network  is in free preview on Shaw Direct from now until May 31. We’ve lined up a selection of our best pet documentaries,  along with great episodes of Fido & Wine, Fatal Attractions, Pit Boss and all of our other favourite series — so tune in to catch the action!

You’ll find The Pet Network on channel 556/187 (Classic/Advanced). Go to shawdirect.ca or call 1.888.554.7827 to subscribe.

Visit thepetnetwork.tv or our Facebook page for programming updates, and check back here in June for more free preview news!


Cookie See, Cookie Dough

April 30th, 2012


No, we’re not sure what that post title means, either. But anyway. We love checking in on Fido & Wine producer Jen Mitchell‘s blog, My Dog’s Breakfast. She’s always got wonderfully creative, road-tested new recipes for homemade doggie meals and snacks. Some are delightfully offbeat — like her latest offering: dog cookies studded with colourful veggie chips, so that they resemble those ever-popular M & M’s cookies. (Never feed the latter to your pooch by the way: chocolate is extremely bad for our canine friends.)

Jen says the recipe took a few tries to get right. Here’s the final version:


- 4 tbsp. butter or margarine

- 1/2 cup honey

- 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour

- 1 cup dry milk

- 1/2 tsp baking soda

- 1/2 tsp sea salt

- 2 tbsp. water or carrot juice

- 2 eggs

- 1 cup of “Veggie chips,” dealer’s choice: frozen peas, carrots, beets, potato, etc. Basically, cut up tiny chip-like pieces of dog-friendly veggies. (I used dehydrated ones I bought from my fave Heronview Raw And Natural: you just soak them in hot water and they are ready to use. I also used lots of frozen peas, which I left frozen for additional water content.)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Begin by adding soft butter or margarine to your mixing bowl. Give it a good forking until it’s a little whipped! Then, add your carrot juice or water, and the eggs. Beat lightly. Then, add the honey, sea salt, baking soda, and stir together. Finally, in portions, stir in the whole wheat flour. Lastly, add 1/3 of your veggie chips and gently mix into the cookie dough.

Place your cookie dough balls on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Make them the appropriate size for your dog(s). Mine are huge as my dogs are of the pig variety. Then, place your veggie chips on top of the cookies and slightly press in. Leave most of them exposed as the dough will puff up a bit around them. Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes. Let them cool before letting the dogs have a taste.

Follow Jen’s blog HERE.


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April 2nd, 2012


… and you could win an iPod nano!

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Free Preview in April!

March 31st, 2012


Good news for our friends in Manitoba: if you’re an MTS customer, you can enjoy The Pet Network free of charge from April 1 to 30. We’re in free preview all month long, so it’s the perfect opportunity for you (and all the four-legged friends in your life) to sample our selection of the world’s best animal documentaries, movies, family shows and reality series.

You’ll find The Pet Network on channel 255, in the Kids Plus theme pack. Go to MTS.ca or phone 204-CALLMTS (1-800-883-2054 toll-free outside Manitoba) to subscribe.

Visit thepetnetwork.tv regularly for programming highlights, and tune in for more free preview news later this spring!


Cheap Chow For Bow Wows

March 20th, 2012


A salmon dinner for just $1.25? A French omelette for 97 cents? Yup, you read that right. Tonight’s episode of FIDO & WINE (airing at 8 pm ET/PT) reveals the secrets of making “Doggie Dinners On A Dime.” Producer extraordinaire Jen Mitchell has the scoop in the latest post on her must-bookmark blog, My Dog’s Breakfast:

Our latest episode of Fido & Wine, Dog Dinners on a Dime, set out to bust the myth that it’s too expensive to home cook for your dog. My team (Hey-yo Melissa Auger!) went on a mission to pet stores and grocery stores in our area and calculated the average cost of a half a can of wet food and a cup of kibble. (The amount of food each of my labs would need to eat twice per day). The processed meal averaged out at $1.45, so it was a challenge to create some divine dinners with wow factor for less than this!

In the first part of our episode, Kim Clancy of the popular website frugalshopper.ca shared cost saving tips with our hostess with the mostest, Laura Ducharme. She had a lot of great suggestions, and the one that worked really well for us in this case was to check the flyers for sales. We found a great deal on frozen wild salmon filets: Four bucks each. Portioned into four, and served with two sides,  this dinner deal rang in at even less than the average processed meal. TAKE THAT PROCESSED FOOD!

Fresh, wild salmon, pot barley (a better carb for dogs than rice), and vibrant green peas that we always have kicking around – topped with dollop of plain yogurt. I know a lot of people say that salmon is too expensive to eat often, and yes, the unfrozen, thick ruby beauties at the seafood counter are more appealing and cost more than these – but you can turn the less expensive frozen filets into a beautiful meal – just look at the picture! The trick, which I learned while developing this recipe, is to dry the bejeezus out of the filet first with some paper towels. You will get a mushy result if you simply thaw and broil, but a dry fish to roast will give you a nice crust on it like you see in the picture [above].

The other dinner Laura Pants will show you is a Fluffy French Omelette – only 97 cents! KA-CHING!! Get cooking for your dog already – and don’t let me hear you say it’s too expensive! OK, sure, if you’re feeding cheap kibble only, it’s going to be cheaper than these meals … but if you’re buying even a medium priced kibble and mixing with cans or feeding a can as a meal, you will not be breaking your bank with these dinners! Real food for your dog IS an option.

Find recipes and more from tonight’s episode HERE. Follow Jen’s blog HERE.


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