Pet ER

Mondays & Fridays at 8 pm ET/PT

show summary

Experience all the drama and heartbreak of emergency veterinary medicine in this gripping docudrama series, as real-life vets race against time to save the lives of beloved pets. A Pet Network original series, produced by BEST BOY ENTERTAINMENT.


With life-and-death medical crises at the centre of its true stories, Pet ER explores the powerful bond between pets and the families that love them.

From the race to the emergency room, through the surgery and the recovery, Pet ER is there. In-depth interviews, dramatic re-enactments and sophisticated medical animations tell the heart-wrenching and heroic stories of families and skilled veterinary practitioners doing everything possible in the most emotional of circumstances.

Pet ER: always heartwarming … sometimes heartbreaking.

week of may 21

Monday May 21
A family is shocked when their Shih Tzu suddenly loses the use of his back legs. After frantically rushing Jessie to the clinic, they learn his lower spine has collapsed. The only hope is life-saving surgery out of province – and soon.

Friday May 25
When an adored tabby disappears, even the neighbourhood children join in the search. After two long days, Patches is found cowering in a garage, his tail brutally mangled. As a mother and son wait anxiously, the emergency veterinary team goes to work.


week of may 28

Monday May 28
It’s love at first sight for a Weimaraner and his owner, and the connection only grows stronger with time. Then one evening, without warning, Schatten goes into seizure. A frantic race to the hospital follows – and a harrowing choice.

“Max The Dog”
Friday June 1
When an Akita’s stomach suddenly swells alarmingly, a race against time begins. The diagnosis: canine bloat, or gastric dilation-volvulus (GDV): a life-threatening, emergency condition that can cause death within a matter of hours.