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Experience all the drama and heartbreak of emergency veterinary medicine in this gripping docudrama series, as real-life vets race against time to save the lives of beloved pets. A Pet Network original series, produced by BEST BOY ENTERTAINMENT.


  1. Is there a preview for episode one?

  2. In the episode about the “siberian husky” a malamute played the part of the siberian they are 2 very different breeds. A husky should never be off leash this would have prevented the dog from running off like a typical husky does. I just want people to know to learn about a breed before they get one to avoid this kind of thing

    • Husky Lover is VERY correct people need to really research both these breeds before adding this breed to the family. Malamutes are also not off leash dogs. This is my malamute and she has extensive obedience training – one of the reasons she played this part. I wouldn’t call her obedience drive typical for this breed. She would never be off-leash, except in a very controlled environment. – such as the filming of this show with a amazing trainer.

  3. Dear pitboss just wanted to say you’re the bomb and keep up the great work

  4. Kaytelynne Essenburg December 29, 2012 at 7:59 pm

    Where does Pet ER take place? Like where is the vet???

  5. Last spring the Pet ER crew were filming in my neighborhood and my dog and I were featured as extras in a road scene with two young girls walking down the sidewalk . My dig just passed away and I would like to know what episode we were featured in . The filming was done on Trafalger Drive , MtPearl , nl

    • Rhonda, I believe you and Taz were in the episode with the Snake, Maskara.

    • i think it was the trixie episode! i just watched it on animal planet and my dad and i thought it was newfoundland. i thought it was on the avalon and sure enough it was mount pearl. it was cool !

  6. Trixie was actually filmed in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland. The vet hospital set is in Mount Pearl, NL.

  7. My dog eddie was filmed as the main character in one of your shows last spring. I have heard when this will be airing other then that it would be esrly this year. I have been attempt to get in contact with Linda through email but have not heard a response. Are you able to help me out

  8. I actually just seen the episode aired in Oct, Ruby, is yhere anywhere I can view this show or get a copy of it. Thanks

  9. I was watching an episode of a little pug named ally apple who had died…I think she had an infection of the uterus…I was just wondering where her owner was from…newfoundland maybe?

    • The series is produced in Newfoundland, so you’re very likely correct. For more information, you can contact the production company, Best Boy Entertainment of St. John’s, NL. Email: mail@bestboy.ca


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