About Us

For Canadians who love pets, The Pet Network is the only television destination entirely dedicated to delivering entertaining and informative stories about the beloved animal companions who share our lives.

Pets are part of the family.

They make us laugh when we’re feeling down, they give us comfort when we need a friend – and, occasionally, they drive us to distraction. Pets make an enormous difference to our families, our homes and our communities.

Launched in 2004 by the internationally award-winning team at Stornoway Communications, The Pet Network is the ONLY channel in the world with 100 percent of its programming devoted to the fascinating and unusual relationships between human beings and our animal companions. This unique service has something for pet lovers of all ages: original family programs, provocative documentaries, action-packed reality shows, and the very best in animal movies.

Whether your passion is Cocker Spaniels, cockatoos or Boa constrictors, The Pet Network will help you to see your animal friends in a whole new light, and give you fresh insight into all of the incredible ways that pets change our lives.

Engaging, enthralling, enlightening. The Pet Network: it’s part of the family.


Stornoway Communications () is an award-winning Canadian television broadcasting and production enterprise with a reputation for innovation and excellence. Founded in 2000, Stornoway owns and operates the specialty networks ichannel, bpm:tv and The Pet Network, all headquartered at the Stornoway Broadcast Centre in Toronto.

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