The last, best hope for man’s best friend

January 6th, 2011

More than three million unwanted pets are euthanized in the United States every year. But there’s one place where man’s best friend always has hope: Dogtown, a sanctuary in southern Utah, run by Best Friends Animal Society, that has become one of the largest no-kill animal shelters in North America.

The acclaimed factual series DOGTOWN (Mondays and Thursdays on The Pet Network at 8 pm ET / 9 pm PT) goes behind the scenes of this extraordinary operation, as dedicated trainers and vets work to help abused and neglected dogs find safe, loving homes.

Here’s a preview of what’s coming up on DOGTOWN in the next few weeks:

Monday, Jan. 10: “The Outsiders – Rescues include a bulldog puppy, a painfully shy spaniel, a Rottweiler with allergies, and a Vizsla that may finally be ready for placement after more than a decade at Dogtown.

Monday, Jan. 17: “The Survivors” – Dr. Mike faces one of his toughest cases yet when a terrier mix arrives with a disfiguring skin condition. Behaviour Consultant Sherry Woodard races to save the lives of eight beagles, and trainer Pat Whitacre works with an aggressive chow mix prone to lashing out unpredictably.

Monday, Jan. 24: “Starting Over” – Two street dogs rescued from Ethiopia come to Dogtown, a Golden Retriever with a mangled paw arrives for medical care, and a Bloodhound returns after attacking a human.

Monday, Jan. 31: “Against the Odds” – Dog care manager Michelle Besmehn travels to Los Angeles to rescue several older breeding dogs from an overcrowded puppy mill, while Dr. Mike Dix faces one of the toughest surgeries of his career when he operates to save the life of a Labrador.

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