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A celebration of pets and the people who love them, is your destination for news, information, practical tips and more — everything you need to know about living with and caring for your animal friends.

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Tuesday May 17
Pay a visit to America’s Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, California. Get up close and personal with the most exotic pets on the market, check out some spectacular canine competitions, and shop for the hottest in brand new pet products and accessories.

Thursday May 19
Meet the pinnipeds: a remarkably diverse group of marine mammals that includes the walrus, the seal and the sea lion.

Saturday May 21
Here’s something to cluck about: chickens as pets! Meet an assortment of prize-winning baby chicks and chickens, explore the mysteries of the hatching and incubation process, and learn the basics of caring for these feathered friends.


week of may 23

Tuesday May 24 pays a visit to Peter Bradley, the Aquatic Guru: an author, writer and researcher famed for designing, building and stocking magnificent aquariums all over the world.

Thursday May 26
From cats and dogs to reptiles and rabbits, there are countless orphaned animals in need of safe and loving homes. In this episode, visits a variety of animal service centers to learn more about the essentials of pet adoption.

Saturday May 28
In this edition, our expert Pet Vet answers fascinating questions from pet lovers everywhere.