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“Earth Rangers”
Monday Sept. 19
Host Candice Batista takes a look at Bring Back the Wild, a kid-powered campaign to help protect animals and their habitats. Plus: “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan shares some of his secrets for dealing with a recalcitrant canine.

“Dog Paddling Adventures”
Tuesday Sept. 20
In this edition: Candice Batista sets out on a fun-filled paddling adventure for pups, while Dr. Stanley Coren explains how dogs hear. Plus: meet the majestic Icelandic horse.

“Dogs With Disabilities”
Wednesday Sept. 21
In this edition: Candice Batista talks to the folks at Eddie’s Wheels and Canine Wellness about the challenges and rewards of helping dogs with disabilities. Dr Stanley Coren reveals why dogs really howl. Plus: hedgehogs in the house! Field reporter Christina Velocci on caring for these prickly pets.

“MIRA Foundation”
Thursday Sept. 22
Pet Central pays a visit to the MIRA Foundation, a Quebec-based organization dedicated to providing service dogs for people with disabilities. Plus: baking up a batch of savoury chicken muffins for your animal friends.

“Search and Rescue Dogs”
Friday Sept. 23
In this edition: Pet Central joins Ontario’s Emergency Response Team and learns about important role that dogs play in search and rescue missions. Canine behaviourist Dr Stanley Coren reveals the best breeds of guard dog, and Christina Velocci has a close encounter with a stingray. Plus: the facts about pet insurance.

“Puppies, Kittens and Kids”
Saturday Sept. 24
In this edition: how to introduce a puppy or kitten to your toddlers. Do dogs see colours? Dr Stanley Coren spells it out in black and white. Christina Velocci on the care and feeding of your chameleon. Plus: road trip with Rover! Traveling with your dog – the do’s and don’ts.

Saving Pets in Haiti
Sunday Sept. 25
Pet Central reports on the rescue groups that mobilized to help animals orphaned by the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Plus: colour light therapy for your pet, and a frozen yogurt recipe that will help your canine stay cool this summer.