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It’s the last, best hope for man’s best friend. Go behind the scenes at America’s foremost animal sanctuary, as dedicated trainers and vets work to help abused and abandoned dogs find safe and loving homes.

More than three million unwanted pets are euthanized in the United States every year. But there’s one place where man’s best friend always has hope: DogTown, a sanctuary in southern Utah, run by Best Friends Animal Society, that has become one of the largest no-kill animal facilities in North America. This acclaimed series goes behind the scenes as DogTown’s dedicated professionals work to help abused, abandoned and neglected dogs find safe and loving homes.


week of october 22

“Bright Futures”
Saturday October 27
When authorities seized pit bulls from football star Michael Vick’s property, 22 of the most severe cases were sent to DogTown for rehabilitation. While many of the Vick dogs have made steady progress, one in particular has been a challenge for DogTown manager John Garcia. When Handsome Dan arrived, he suffered from a crippling fear of people and had been known to face his kennel wall for hours on end. Can Garcia’s expert care help Handsome Dan to overcome his trauma and find a home? Elsewhere, behavioural consultant Sherry Woodard struggles to help Billy, a Rottweiler-mix with a troubling habit of lashing out at strangers, and Dr. Patti Iampietro works feverishly to save an elderly three-legged Beagle-mix named Charlene who has gone into diabetic shock.

Sunday October 28
Behaviour specialist Sherry Woodard takes on the challenge of socializing Shaggy, a feral dog that was rescued near the Grand Canyon. Veterinarian Dr. Mike Dix and his wife turn to trainer John Garcia for help with their Beagle mix Penny, whose out-of-control behaviour is wreaking havoc in their home. The DogTown team search for a way to help Reggie, an Elkhound mix with a mysterious and disfiguring skin condition.