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Animal Cops: South Africa - Episode 12

Animal Cops: South Africa - Episode 12

Inspectors deal with a cat stuck in a tree, a disturbing case of animal neglect, and a black swan that has wandered far from home.

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The inspectors at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA in South Africa have seen it all, from pit bulls to Egyptian geese, underground dogfight rings to rampaging baboons. Join these dedicated men and women as they fight for the welfare of abused, abandoned and endangered animals.


  1. Hey, I want to find out how I can come into contact with Animal Cops, South Africa? I would like to persue a career in animal wellfare and would like to speak to someone. Don’t know where to start. Can anybody please help me?

  2. Hi there, maybe you can send an e-mail to nspca@nspca.co.za or training@nspca.co.za maybe they can help you.

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