Five Foods You Didn’t Know Were DANGEROUS FOR PETS

February 8th, 2012


A new monthly pets column by Laura Ducharme and Jen Mitchell, host and producer, respectively of The Pet Network original series Fido & Wine, makes it debut in the February issue of On the Go magazine. Congratulations, Laura and Jen! We’ll be reposting their columns here, so check back every month for more great advice and insight on living with and caring for pets.

On the Go is available at TTC and GO Train stations in the Greater Toronto Area. CLICK HERE to check out the current issue.


  1. Thanks for a great piece on foods that can be toxic to dogs–very helpful. Another common item that many pet owners do not know about is the artificial sweetener, xylitol. Ingestion can cause a dangerous drop in blood sugar due to insulin release. In severe cases, liver failure can occur. Keep your gum and goodies locked away, especially those in your car or in your purse!

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