Creature Features

June 21st, 2011

A scattering of stories we’ve scooped up from the Web lately:

* Should Will and Kate attend the Calgary Stampede? The Vancouver Humane Society says no.

* Could “dog traffickers” be responsible for the unusually large numbers of purebred dogs gone missing in the Ottawa area recently?

* Wildlife officers in Washington State are working with dogs to help keep bears away from populated areas.

* Service dogs played an important role in helping police restore order during the Vancouver hockey riots.

* People who give their pets natural remedies and vegan food should probably watch out for quacks like this guy.

* According to a new study, Canadians spend twice as much time surfing the Web as they do exercising their pets.

* A Canadian volunteer helps to care for the nearly 700 cats and kittens rescued from a Gainesville, Florida home.


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